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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Extension Horticulture Personnel

Department of Horticulture and Natural Resources Extension Office
Phone: (785) 532-6173

Annie Baker

Annie Baker

Master Gardener Coordinator
Extension Specialist
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Barden, Charles

Charles Barden

Forestry & Wildlife
Extension Forester
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Boyer, CherylCheryl Boyer

Turf & Ornamentals
Nursery Crop Production and Marketing Specialist 
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Ray Cloyd

Raymond Cloyd

Food Crops / Forestry & Wildlife
Ornamental Entomology
& Integrated Pest Management
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Jack FryJack Fry

Turf & Ornamentals
Commercial Turfgrass Specialist
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Joe GerkinJoe Gerken

Forestry & Wildlife
Fisheries & Aquaculture Specialist
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Jason Griffin

Jason Griffin

Turf & Ornamentals
Woody Ornamentals Specialist
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Megan KennellyMegan Kennelly

Food Crops / Forestry & Wildlife / Turf & Ornamentals
Turfgrass/Urban & Horticultural Plant Pathology Problems
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Cary RivardCary Rivard

Food Crops / Horticulture & Human Health
Extension Vegetable & Fruit Crop Specialist
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Drew Ricketts

Drew Ricketts

Forestry & Wildlife
Wildlife & Outdoor Enterprise Management
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Ward Upham

Ward Upham

Food Crops / Horticulture & Human Health / Turf & Ornamentals
Horticultural Rapid Response Unit Coordinator
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