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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Sustainable Food Production

The Pecan Experiment Field is a regional research and extension center serving pecan producers in Kansas and Missouri. An annual field day provides a forum for the transfer of new research results to growers. Extension outreach programs include grafting schools and farm tours held at locations across Kansas and Missouri.

Our Olathe Center provides information on recommended vegetable varieties and hightunnels (http://www.hightunnels.org/ ). Horticulture food crop research and extension efforts at the Center have a buy fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables emphasis considering both conventional and organic production systems.

Local Food promotion efforts include; 1) survey regarding barriers to marketing local fruits and vegetables, 2) research comparing consumption vs. production of fruits and vegetables in the Kansas River Valley, 3) collaboration with the Kansas Rural Center on a website for selling local food (www.kansasrivervalley.com) and conferences and seminars, and 4) creation of the Willow Lake Student Farm for training horticulture students in organic methods. Kansas River Valley Local Foods. Web based information on general horticultural practices can be accessed at the Horticulture Information Center.


Vacant Position
Alternative crops specialist

Cary Rivard
Vegetable & fruit crop specialist

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