Turfgrass & Ornamental Specialty Crops

Our turfgrass research focus and efforts are on identifying turfgrasses or management practices which allow turfgrasses to be managed with reduced inputs of water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Our ornamentals research focus and efforts are on production methods that improve grower efficiency while reducing inputs and identifying plant materials with superior adaptability for the Kansas climate. We have a strong team working with alternative substrates and water and nutrient management in soilless mixes.

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Cheryl Boyer

Cheryl Boyer, PhD

Ornamental nursery crop production
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Ross Braun

Ross Braun, PhD

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Jack Fry

Jack Fry, PhD

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Jason Griffin

Jason Griffin, PhD

Landscape plants
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Steve Keeley

Steve Keeley, PhD

Turfgrass management
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Chad Miller

Chad Miller, PhD

Ornamental horticulture
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Kim Williams

Kim Williams, PhD

Water and nutrient management for floriculture crops
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