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Academic Videos

Video Screen Shots>FFA Students 2010
Visiting FFA Students

Video Screen Shots>turf-field-day-dr.-bremer
2010 Turf Field Day
Dr. Dale Bremer

Video Screen Shots>Willow Lake Student Farm
Willow Lake Student
Organic Farm Club

Video Screen Shots>turf-field-day-dr.-keeley
2010 Turf Field Day
Dr. Steve Keeley

Video Screen Shots>Provost visits Pair Center
Provost Mason visits the
Pair Center

Video Screen Shots>vegetable trials reno county
Vegetable Trials with Students
in Reno County

Video Screen Shots>4-H written competition
2010 State of Kansas 4-H
Competition - Written

Video Screen Shots>4-H plant ID competition
2010 State of Kansas 4-H
Competition - Plant ID

Video Screen Shots>cathy-lavis-irrigation
Cathie Lavis working with
irrigation class

Video Screen Shots>activities-turf-lab-1
Activities in turf lab 1

Video Screen Shots>activities-turf-lab-2
Activities in turf lab 2

Video Screen Shots>activities-turf-lab-3
Activities in turf lab 3

Video Screen Shots>activities-turf-lab-4
Activities in turf lab 4

Video Screen Shots>sweet-potato-harvest
Sweet Potato Harvest

Video Screen Shots>conifer-planting
Conifer Planting

Kansas State University Gardens Videos

Video Screen Shots>Gardens_Iris_Scott
KSU Gardens-Iris Collection
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>Milkweed-KSU Gardens SPR10
KSU Gardens-Milkweed
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>Rose Hips-KSU Gardens SPR10
KSU Gardens-Rose Hips
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>Pruning Roses-KSU Gardens SPR10
KSU Gardens-Pruning Roses
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>Daylilies at the KSU Gardens
Daylilies at the KSU Gardens
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>Moving the Iris Collection
Moving the Iris Collection
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>Crape Myrtle and Phase II Development
Crape Myrtle & Development
of Phase II

Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>gallardia-gardens
Gallardia - a super flowering

Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>walking-on-frozen-turf
Walking on Frozen Turf
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>burning-bush
Burning bush should have a
place in your garden
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>spring_flowering_trees_in_garden.jpg
Spring flowering trees in the

Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>mulch_and_your_garden.jpg
Mulch and your garden
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>bringing_roses_out_of_winter.jpg
Bringing roses out of winter
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>spring_flowering_trees.jpg
Spring Flowering Trees
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>herbs_to_plant_in_your_garden.jpg
Herbs to plant in your

Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>heat-loving-plants
Heat Loving Plants
Scott McElwain

Video Screen Shots>phase-II-construction
Phase II - Gardens Construction
Bidwell Family Fountain


Extension Videos

Video Screen Shots>pots_vs_root_balls
Landscape Tree Production:
Pots vs. Root Balls

Video Screen Shots>moving-into-social-media-rosehill-nursery
Moving Into Social Media:The Rosehill Nursery Story

Video Screen Shots>landscape-trees-a-battered-market
Landscape Trees:
A Battered Market

Video Screen Shots>nurseryworks-profile-rosehill-nursery
Nurseryworks Profile:
Rosehill Nursery, Inc.

Video Screen Shots>nurseryworks-profile-suburban-lawn-and-garden
Nurseryworks Profile:
Suburban Lawn & Garden


Related Videos

Video Screen Shots>kfs_prairie-states-forestry-project-pt-1
Prairie States Forestry
Project in Kansas - Part 1

Kansas Forest Service

Video Screen Shots>kfs_prairie-states-forestry-project-pt-2
Prairie States Forestry
Project in Kansas - Part 2

Kansas Forest Service

Video Screen Shots>kfs_prairie-states-forestry-project-pt-3 Prairie States Forestry
Project in Kansas - Part 3

Kansas Forest Service

Video Screen Shots>kfs-fall-forestry-field-day-2009
Fall Forestry Day 2009
Kansas Forest Service


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