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We are dedicated to improving lives through dynamic, diverse education and research programs. Through our extension work, we solve problems associated with our disciplines.

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Bringing people and nature together

Horticulture enriches our lives through gardening and contributing fruits and vegetables to our diets; it improves our environment; it provides recreation in golf courses, parks, and landscapes; and it provides beauty to our homes and public spaces.

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Visit the K-State Gardens

The K-State Gardens are an important friend of the Department of Horticulture and Natural Resources. By providing hands-on learning and public outreach, the Gardens play a crucial role in the life of the Department and city.


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Tradition of Excellence

As one of the oldest departments in the University, our department has a storied history of excellence in the areas of research and academics. Our staff and students have received nationwide awards and honors for their work in horticulture, conservation, and education.

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