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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Horticulture & Natural Resources
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Financial Assistance

Research (GRA) and Teaching (GTA) assistantships may be supported by funds from the University, the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, or national and international research projects funded by competitive grants. Students holding at least a 0.4 GRA are entitled to pay tuition at resident rates. Students on GTAs are eligible for a tuition waiver; the total number of credits varies based on the appointment (see the Graduate Handbook for more information). Various Fellowships and Scholarships may be available each year. Check with the Director of the Graduate Program and your major professor regarding funding opportunities.


Departmental and grant-funded assistantships are awarded on the basis of a student's ability and qualifications. Departmental assistantships are offered for two years for M.S. in the thesis option and three years for Ph.D. students, contingent on satisfactory progress in their programs. Assistantship limits for students supported by external grants are determined by the supporting faculty member.

Each graduate research assistant is responsible to his/her major professor and will have responsibilities for at least one research project. Expectations and responsibilities for assistantships, including hourly structuring of weekly work activities and annual leave/vacation periods, will vary by project and by major professor, though in general a 0.5 time assistantship equates to about 20 hours of work per week. Due to the seasonal nature of certain types of horticultural research, periods of research assistantship activity can vary dramatically. A clear understanding of time requirements and expectations should be reached between the student and the major professor at the onset of the appointment.

Each graduate teaching assistant is responsible to the department head through specific course instructors. Teaching assistant responsibilities and work schedule will be defined with the specific course instructor.

Fellowships and Scholarships

Research Grants for Graduate Students