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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Seminar Schedule

Broaden your horizons about a variety of topics and support our speakers with your attendance!

2018 HNR Fall Seminar Schedule

Oct 2
Jared Hoyle, HNR, Continued Development of Turfgrass Science Research & Extension
Oct 9
Cheryl Boyer, HNR, Research and Extension Accomplishments
Oct 16
Denisse Benitez Nassar, Dani Dagan, HNR  
~ Monitoring the Effectiveness of Steambank Stabilization Projects in Northeast Kansas
~ Using Social Media to Understand Visitor Activity in Remote Backcountry Settings
Oct 23
Mu Hong, Tricia Jenkins, HNR
~ Measuring Thermal Infrared Temperature via Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for Detecting Stress on Turfgrass
~ Proposal for Transportation Simulation of Grafted Seedlings
Oct 30
Myungjin Lee, Tej Man Tamang, HNR
~ Spectral Quality and Phytochemicals in Lettuce
~ Development of Selectable marker-free cisgenic rice plants expressing a blast resistance gene Pi9
Nov 6
Adam Ahlers, HNR, Landscape Change and Wildlife Populations: Current Research in the Ahlers' Lab
Nov 13
Tayebeh Kakeshpour, Nicole Martini, HNR,
~ Multiplex Genome Editing of Class II Glutaredoxins in Solanum lycopersicum via CRISPR/Cas9 System
~ Measuring High School Teachers' and Students' Understanding and Perceptions of Careers and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in
Nov 20
Thanksgiving Break - No Seminar
Nov 27
POSTER - In TH 1027

Note: All seminars are on Tuesdays, at 4 pm, in Throckmorton 2024 unless otherwise noted (**). Refreshments are served at 3:45. Watch for flyers posted around our Department prior to each seminar.  Everyone is welcome.

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