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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Seminar Schedule

Broaden your horizons about a variety of topics and support our speakers with your attendance!

2017 HNR Fall Seminar Schedule

Oct 2 **
Brandon Horvath, Plant Sciences, Univ. of Tennessee, Promoting Active Learning in the Classroom and Marketing Your Departmental Program
Oct 3
Eleni Pliakoni, HNR, Teaching and Research Accomplishments
Oct 10
Adam Ahlers, HNR, Teaching and Research Accomplishments
Oct 17
Ryan Sharp, HNR, Teaching and Research Accomplishments
Oct 24
Braden Hoch & Jianqiao Luan, HNR,
-Assessing the Tolerance of Red Oak and Pin Oak to High Substrate pH
-Modernizing Residential Landscape Design
Oct 31
Diavid Loewen & Joseph Rundquist, HNR,
-Grafting Bell Peppers using Pepper and Tomato Rootstocks, the Effects on Yield and Plant Morphology
-Postharvest Technology for Propagative Sweet Potato Material
Nov 7
Ashlee Skinner & Laura Simoes, HNR,
-Proposal for Study of Cover Crops in High Tunnels
-Using Prescribed Burning for Oak Regeneration
Nov 14
Steve Keeley, HNR, A Sabbatical Focused on Teaching, Mentoring, and a SOTL Project
Nov 21
Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 28Mu Hong, HNR, Evaluating Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for Detecting Drought Stress on Turfgrass
Dec 5
Myung Min Oh, HNR, Enhancement of Bioactive Compounds in Vegetables and Medicinal Plants Using Environmental Control

Note: All seminars are on Tuesdays, at 4 pm, in Throckmorton 2024 unless otherwise noted (**). Refreshments are served at 3:45. Watch for flyers posted around our Department prior to each seminar.  Everyone is welcome.

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