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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Seminar Schedule

Broaden your horizons about a variety of topics and support our speakers with your attendance!

2019 HNR Spring Seminar Schedule

Mar. 5
Jake Reeves, Mitchell Kern, HNR
-Bermudagrass Control with Glyphosate, Topramezone and Mesotrione Combinations Prior to Spring Tall Fescue Seeding
-Neonate Survival rates and Bed-site Selection of Two Sympatric Deer Species in Western Kansas
Mar. 12
Spring Break - No Seminar
Mar. 19
Laura Simoes, Manoj Chhetri, HNR  
-Using Prescribed Burning for Oak Regeneration in Kansas
-Large Patch Tolerance and Seedhead Suppression in Zoysiagrass
Mar. 26
Dr. Adam Ahlers, HNR
-Do Hunters Really Know How They Impact Conservation?
Apr. 2
Dr. Ramdhani Mujuabwa, TBA
Apr. 9
Jacob Schwab, Kenny Artavia, HNR
-Reverse Crossword Puzzle Assignments Increase Student Confidence but not Knowledge of Greenhouse Terminology
-Determination of Soft Skills Needed for Professionals in Urban Food System Industry

Apr. 16
Kostas Batziakas, HNR
-Improving Quality and Consumer Acceptability of Locally Produced Spinach
Apr. 23
Myungjin Lee, HNR 
-Impact of UV on the Growth Characteristics and Accumulation of Mineral Nutrients and Phytochemical Compounds in Lettuce
Apr. 30
POSTER - In TH 1027

Note: All seminars are on Tuesdays, at 4 pm, in Throckmorton 2024 unless otherwise noted (**). Refreshments are served at 3:45. Watch for flyers posted around our Department prior to each seminar.  Everyone is welcome.

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