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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Rocky Ford Turfgrass Research Center

The Rocky Ford Turfgrass Research Center works to seamlessly accommodate field research needs of K-State turfgrass faculty, and serve as a premier education resource for K-State horticulture students and those employed in the commercial turf industry.

Research and Extension Activities:

Research focused on:

  • Identifying best-adapted turf species and cultivars for Kansas
  • Best management practices to reduce water and pesticide inputs in turfgrass systems
  • Turfgrass responses to environmental stresses

Center researchers host a field day for commercial turfgrass managers the first Thursday of August in even-number years.

Come Find Us

(785) 539-9133

Facility Description:

10 acres of Research plots, including a rain-out shelter.

Faculty & Staff

Dale Bremer

Wes Howe
Research Assistant

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