Rocky Ford Turfgrass Research Center

The Rocky Ford Turfgrass Research Center is located 3 miles from the main campus in Manhattan, KS and contains approximately 11 acres of turfgrass research plots, two workshops, Quonset hut, chemical storage shed, tool storage shed, automated rainout structure, stationary drought/rainout structure, and 51 automated irrigation zones. Both cool-season and warm-season turfgrass are grown on site. Grasses are grown in irrigation zones that allow for the establishment and maintenance of individualized research projects. This facility is managed by a full-time field manager with a B.S. degree in Horticulture, which allows undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral scientists, research staff, and faculty to dedicate more time to research efforts.

Research and extension activities are presented to approximately 200 attendees annually at Kansas State University Turf and Ornamentals Field Day.

Research and Extension Activities:

  • Identifying best-adapted turfgrass species and cultivars for Kansas
  • Reducing management inputs (i.e., water, fertilizer, pesticides, and mowing) in turfgrass systems
  • Identifying solutions to establishment and management challenges with turfgrass
  • Investigating solutions turfgrass sod production barriers
  • Turfgrass responses to environmental stresses
  • Delivering research-based information using innovative outreach methods

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Rocky Ford Turfgrass Center

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Faculty & Staff

Ross Braun
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