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Horticulture and Natural Resources

TWIP: The Week in Preview

December 13-17, 2021 | Final Edition of Fall 2021

From Dr. Lavis:

This will be my concluding TWIP, as most of you know, I am retiring and will begin another chapter in my earthly life. I started sending TWIP via email every Monday after Dr. Paul Jennings died of cancer on December 25, 2000. Paul called me from the hospital and asked me to “please” take over TWIP and his advisees; clearly he cared deeply for his students to make a call from his hospital bed. Paul created TWIP several years previous to bring together horticulture students with news related to their academic careers, University updates and events, and industry exposure. I have written and posted TWIP to students, grads and even some industry folks, every fall and spring semester since January, 2001. It has been rewarding to know our students have learned about scholarships, internship and employment opportunities, and various other important events from TWIP. I wish each of you a rewarding career and life; I have been blessed to have hundreds of people come into my life as a result of teaching and learning. Many blessings to you all! Sincerely, Dr. C 


No events this week.


Congratulations to our December graduates!

Do you want to make a lasting impression of your time here at K-State? The KSU Horticulture Club is offering engraved pavers for just $35. The pavers will be placed in the walkway of the patio, built by horticulture students, located on the south front entrance of Throckmorton and will contain your name and graduation year. Prices increase to $60 once you become alumni, so act now! For questions and forms please contact Megan Nelson via email at mgnelson@ksu.edu 

Scholarship Opportunities

Contact Dr. Lavis with questions regarding scholarships.

In the past, if you used the excuse-“I don’t have time to apply for a scholarship, now you probably do have more time, take a look at the following and consider applying, now!

Each year the Professional Grounds Management Scholarship (PGMS) committee awards monetary scholarships to students in horticulture. Applicants must be at least in their first year of college. The top recipient will also have the opportunity to attend the School of Grounds Management Conference. PGMS will pay for the scholarship recipients’ conference registration and a travel allowance as well. As we interact with the professionals of tomorrow in the work place and on campus, this is a great member benefit to promote PGMS and professionalism in our industry. Scholarship applications open on Dec 1, and close on January 15, see this link for details. The applicant must be a current student of horticulture or a related field, must be sponsored by a PGMS member (Dr. Lavis) and will need to submit a cover letter and resume. The applicant will also need to submit their current college transcript and two letters of reference. https://pgms.org/page/StudentScholarships 

The Kansas Garden Club is once again offering a $2000. scholarship to a worthy and passionate horticultural student. You apply to the Kansas and they send the winner’s name and information forward as a possible National Garden Club winner, this award is $4000. But, you must be nominated by a state club to advance to the National. This is a link to scholarship website - https://gardenclub.org/college-scholarships the deadline for the application is February 1 and to be sent to Debra McDaniel: Kansas Scholarship Chair: 7412 Nall Ave, Prairie Village, KS 66208. 

The Irrigation Association Scholarship is now available for application, due Feb 15, 2022. Best candidates will have had HORT 550. https://www.irrigation.org/IA/Workforce_Development/Scholarship_Program/Scholarship_Application/IA/Workforce_Development/Scholarship_Program/Scholarship-Application.aspx?hkey=da2b19ab-f1c1-4ecd-a9cf-5ff75092a6a9 

Internship Opportunities

View all Internship Opportunities (PDF) in the full TWIP weekly newsletter.

Employment Opportunities

View all Employment Opportunities (PDF) in the full TWIP weekly newsletter.

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