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Horticulture and Natural Resources

TWIP: The Week in Preview

April 6-10, 2020


New to TWIP, starting this issue—with the current world situation, many people are longing to become more connected to beauty and the rhythms of the natural world. Horticulturists already have the advantage of this connection, long before COVID-19.

Whether your interest are production horticulture, designing sustainable landscapes, maintaining a sport playing field or residential landscape, or growing commercial hemp, we have the advantage of appreciating nature already.

The idea of “Up the Garden Path” will be to provide instructions and lists, ancient customs and old wives tales, from gardening by the phrases of the moon to curing a cold to brewing your own ale. So, let us begin!

Up the Garden Path

Flowers aren’t just for putting in vases, some taste delicious, and can be packed full of nutrients. Not all are edible so if you are not sure about the safety of eating a particular flower, don’t risk it because some are poisonous. Or do what I do, feed it to your sister first, if she survives, it’s good to eat! (KIDDING!)

The following is a short list of those good to eat, especially in salads. Be sure to wash carefully in cold water, looking for any hidden insects.

Allium schoenoprasum—chive flowers, many of us eat the leaves on our baked potatoes, with sour cream of course, but the flowers broken into little florets are tasty on salads.

Calendula officinalis—referred to as, marigold flowers, this little gem has many other health benefits, as well, including made into skin treatments and used as sunscreen. Cucurbita pepo—zucchini flowers: fried blossoms are utterly additive!

Tropaeolum majus—nasturtium flowers have a delicious peppery taste, the flower buds are tasty, too.

Viola x wittrockiana—pansies, the flowers look lovely on salads and are somewhat sweet.


Enrollment for the fall 2020 semester should be underway. You must visit with your academic advisor to enroll, I’ve actually been advising via phone with my advisees, been nice to hear their voices. Again, be sure to be in communication with your advisor regarding enrollment.

Doing a summer internship? If so, be sure you review the application requirements, particularly the “Internship Goals and Agreement form.” Please communicate with your academic advisor about completing this form.

Scholarship Opportunities

Contact Dr. Lavis with questions regarding scholarships.

In the past, if you used the excuse-“I don’t have time to apply for a scholarship, now you probably do have more time, take a look at the following and consider applying, now!

The Johnson County Master Gardener program is once again offering a $3000. scholarship to an eligible Horticulture students. Attached is the current application. Please note that it is due no later than May 15, 2020.

The Topeka Daylily is offering a $500 Scholarship. Deadline is May 1. Review the instructions and application.

Lawn & Landscape, and its parent company, GIE Media, the leading media company serving the lawn and landscape, golf course, nursery, greenhouse and garden center markets, has established a fund to support academic scholarships for outstanding college students focused on leading in the green industry. GIE Media is giving away two $2,500 scholarships.

Please print off and fill out the form completely, then mail it to Brian Horn, Lawn & Landscape, 5811 Canal Rd., Valley View, OH 44125.

To be eligible for an academic scholarship, you must be enrolled at a recognized two- or four-year college or university working toward a degree in horticulture, environmental science or other field related to a segment of the green industry. Applications must be postmarked by Friday, April 24, 2020.

The Fulbright Commission in Uruguay is pleased to announce a three-month fully funded opportunity in 2020 for U.S. students pursuing Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in viticulture, viniculture, agriculture or a related field. This fully-funded program will support two U.S. students for research and internships with National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA), focused on the wine industry in Uruguay. The application period is now open. This opportunity supports U.S. study abroad to Uruguay and is funded through a Study Abroad Engagement Grant from USA Study Abroad within the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State. This internship, though managed by the Fulbright Commission, is not considered a Fulbright Scholarship or other Fulbright Program.
  • Award Profile: Master’s and Ph.D. students in the fields of Agriculture and/or Viticulture.
  • Grant Period: 3 Months between July 2020 to June 2021.
  • Dependents: Dependent support is not available.
  • Foreign Language Proficiency: Recommended – Intermediate Spanish.
  • Locations: National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) – Research may be conducted in one of the five
  • Experimental Stations: INIA Las Brujas (Canelones), INIA La Estanzuela (Colonia), INIA Treinta y Tres, INIA Salto Grande and INIA Tacuarembó.
  • Affiliation: Grantees in the fields of Agriculture and Viticulture will be able to conduct research while doing an internship at one of INIA’s Experimental Stations. INIA is the National Institute for Agricultural Research
  • Deadline: April 30, 2020. View the NAFA [SCHLRSHP] listserv archives or unsubscribe from the listserv.

Internship Opportunities

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Employment Opportunities

View all Employment Opportunities (PDF) in the full TWIP weekly newsletter.

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