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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Horticulture Students

Horticulture enriches our lives through gardening and contributing fruits and vegetables to our diets; it improves our environment; it provides recreation in golf courses, parks, and landscapes; and it provides beauty to our homes and public spaces. Careers in Horticulture combine art, science and technology to produce and maintain plants and landscapes.

Four specialization areas offer a broad range of opportunities to prepare for a career in a horticulture profession. Horticulture faculty are dedicated to providing a world-class education. Five different student organizations provide opportunities for industry involvement, travel, and hands-on experiences.

This Week in Preview

Each week, our faculty members put together announcements, job opportunities and internships, and scholarship information. The TWIP is a great way to stay connected and learn about opportunities in the field. Reach out to Dr. Keeley to get added to the email list.

Read this week's TWIP (pdf)

Horticulture Students in the News

Goossen Awarded $7,500 Shinoda Scholarship

RGoossenRenata Goossen, major in Horticulture Production, has been awarded a $7,500 scholarship from the Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation, which is the largest scholarship ever awarded by this organization. This highly competitive program awards scholarships to U.S. students who are specializing in Floriculture and plan to work in the commercial floriculture industry during their careers. Renata is a junior at K-State who is active in Horticulture Club and will be completing an internship at Green Circle Growers in Ohio during Fall 2019. Congratulations, Renata!

Students Can Get Involved in the Global Food Systems Initiative

KGudeK-State's Global Food Systems Initiative provides students in a variety of disciplines with opportunities to explore innovation, outreach and workforce development. Kelly Gude, a doctoral student in horticulture with emphasis on nutritional values of fruits and vegetables, is one of those students.

Gude is researching nutrition chemistry and the effect that light intensity and spectral quality play on the nutrient density of fresh vegetables. Read more...

Schneck wins Dr. P. Allen Hammer Scholarship

SchneckDümmen Orange recently named Karen Schneck, an undergraduate student studying horticulture and entomology at Kansas State University (KSU), as its latest recipient of the Dr. P. Allen Hammer Scholarship. The $5,000 award is presented in recognition of exemplary academic achievement in the field of horticulture, and is intended to support the next generation of floriculture students towards the completion of their horticulture-related academic pursuits. Pictured: Chad Miller, Karen Schneck, and Kim Williams (l-r).

K-State Hort Student Named Shinoda Scholar of the Year

MeganHaresnapeMegan Haresnape has been selected as Shinoda Scholar of the Year. "Megan's drive and discipline stood out as exceptional among the talented aspiring horticulturists we reviewed," says Bob Otsuka, president of the Shinoda Foundation. "As the first generation of her family to attend college, she also is a great example of how horticulture's next generation is working to grow our industry." Congrats, Megan!  Read more...

Horticulture Students Garner Over $90,000 in Non-University Scholarships

K-State Horticulture students have been awarded an all-time high of $91,600 in scholarship monies from national and regional horticultural organizations. Contributing to this total are Megan Haresnape, a senior from Lebanon majoring in Horticulture Production, who has received the top award of $5,000 from the Joseph Shinoda Scholarship for floriculture students and the Bettinger Scholarship for $2,100 from the American Floral Endowment. Conner Nickerson and Geregly Motolai each completed six-month paid internships in greenhouse production operations during Spring 2018 that ended with $6,000 scholarships from the Vic and Margaret Ball Internship Scholarship fund. ShayeAlta Naaf and Alissa Wells both received scholarships from the Professional Grounds Management Society for $3,000 and $4,000, respectively. Michael Reece received a $5,000 scholarship from Trans-Mississippi Golf Association, and Danielle McFadden was awarded $3,000. K-State Horticulture is helping meet the nation's need for future green collar professionals, and national industry organizations are recognizing these students!