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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Horticulture and Natural Resources
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Environmental Stress & Molecular Biology

Our research focus and efforts have been to understand plant adaptations, tolerance and mechanisms of injury in relation to various environmental stresses including low temperatures, high temperatures, water deficit and hypoxia, and to develop methods and strategies to improve plant tolerance in many horticultural crops especially in food crops and turfgrasses. Wide ranging approaches are being used to accomplish these goals, including those that aim at the molecular, cellular and whole plant level.

Other areas of research involve beneficial aspects of environmental stresses. In response to various stresses, plants accumulate health-promoting antioxidants and secondary metabolites (phytochemicals) as a defense mechanism. Studies are being conducted to develop strategies to use environmental stresses and biotechnology tools to augment health-promoting phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables.

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Recent Publications

Recent Publications of our Environmental Stress and Molecular Biology Faculty and Graduate Students

Y. Hu, Q. Wu, S.A. Sprague, J. Park, M. Oh, C.B. Rajashekar, H. Koiwa, P. Nakata, N. Cheng, K.D. Hirschi, F.F. White, and S.H. Park. (2015) Tomato expressing Arabidopsis glutaredoxin gene AtGRXS17 confers tolerance to chilling stress via modulating cold responsive components. Horticulture Research. In Press

Lewis, Jason D., Dale J. Bremer, Steven J. Keeley, and Jack D. Fry. 2012. Wilt-Based Irrigation in Kentucky Bluegrass: Effects on Visual Quality and Irrigation Amounts Among Cultivars. Crop Science 52(4):1881-1890.

Wu, Qingyu; Lin, Julie; Liu, Jian-Zhong; Wang, Xiaofei; Lim, Wansang; Oh, Myungmin; Park, Jungeun; Rajashekar, C. B.; Whitham, Steven A.; Cheng, Ning-Hui; Hirschi, Kendal D.; Park, Sunghun. 2012. Ectopic expression of Arabidopsis glutaredoxin AtGRXS17 enhances thermotolerance in tomato. Plant Biotechnology Journal 10(8):945-955.

de Freitas, Sergio T.; Handa, Avtar K.; Wu, Qingyu; Park, Sunghun; Mitcham, Elizabeth J. 2012. Role of pectin methylesterases in cellular calcium distribution and blossom-end rot development in tomato fruit. Plant Journal 71(5):824-835.

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Jack Fry
Environmental stresses and turfgrass

Sunghun Park
Environmental stresses, cell physiology, and plant biotechnology

Channa Rajashekar
Environmental stresses and molecular biology

Cary Rivard
Production systems and phytochemicals

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