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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Udergraduate - Summary of Annual Progress Report

Summary of Annual Progress Report on Assessment of Student Learning for Undergraduate Programs

Academic year: 2009-2010
Department/Program: Horticulture and Natural Resources
Degree program(s): Horticulture
Person(s) preparing report: Candice Shoemaker
Date submitted: 4/01/11


Summary of the 2009-2010 Annual Progress Report on Assessment of Student Learning

We continue to assess discipline knowledge, communication skills, and awareness of diversity based on our core courses: HORT 190, 201, 350, 520, 560, and 590. Assessment occurs as part of HORT 190, 201, 590 and 599. Students are assessed in their first year in our program and in the semester they are graduating. The horticulture teaching faculty meet annually to discuss the assessment and results. We now have 6 years of assessment data and have learned: 1) students enter our program with limited discipline-specific knowledge and demonstrate a significant increase in their discipline knowledge by the time they graduate; 2) oral and written communication skills remain strong as students move through our program; and 3) student’s perceptions of diversity and openness to diversity issues do not change as they move through the program. As a result of analyzing the 6 years of assessment data, the undergraduate teaching faculty in horticulture has decided they need to re-evaluate the student learning outcomes and assessment plan. Regularly scheduled meetings with all the undergraduate teaching faculty will occur to work on this.