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Certificate in Advanced Horticulture

The Certificate in Advanced Horticulture is an individually-designed program of 12-credits of graduate coursework in Horticultural Science. The Certificate is designed to offer individually-tailored graduate-level coursework to students who want to position themselves to advance their careers in Horticulture; augment graduate training in an allied discipline, such as Entomology or Plant Pathology; or gain knowledge for a career-change into Horticulture. The program can be completed with online courses, face-to-face courses, or via a combination of distance and classroom coursework, depending upon each student's geographical location and preferences.

As a member of Hort AG*IDEA, Kansas State University shares delivery of and access to graduate-level coursework in Horticulture with partner institutions. Following is a list of courses that are always available for Certificate completion, but in consultation with their advisor, students may select alternative coursework to meet their personal educational objectives and goals. Additional available distance courses can be viewed on the AG*IDEA website.  The Certificate requires that at least 3 credits of coursework provide a basis in horticultural crop physiology (examples in Group A below).

Course Number (Cr)Course NameInstitution(s)Delivery Method
Group A - 3 credit minimum
HORT 640 (3)Pr/Plant PhysiologyTTUDistance
HORT 706 (3)Turfgrass ScienceK-State, TTUOn-campus and distance
HORT 800 (3)Horticultural PhysiologyK-StateOn-campus
HORT 815 (3)Plant Nutrition and Nutrient ManagementUNLDistance
HORT 960 (3)Environmental Plant StressK-StateOn-campus
AGRON 820 (3)Plant Water RelationsK-StateOn-campus
AGRON 820 (3)Plant Water RelationsTTUDistance
Other courses may be available upon consultation with your advisor
Group B - up to 9 credits
HORT 600 (3)Herbaceous Crop ProductionK-StateOn-campus
HORT 625 (2)Floral Crops Production and HandlingK-StateOn-campus
HORT 630 (3)General ViticultureUCSUDistance
HORT 695 (3)Introduction to PermacultureNCSUDistance
HORT 710 (3)Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ CultureK-StateOn-campus
HORT 720 (3)Environmental Nursery ProductionNCSUDistance
HORT 760 (3)Business Management for Horticulture EnterprisesUNLDistance
HORT 775 (3)Plant Breeding Methods in HorticultureNCSUDistance
Other courses may be available upon consultation with your advisor

Educational Objective of the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Horticulture

The educational objective of the degree program is to:

Provide advanced understanding of the physiological processes that govern plant reproduction, growth and/or development within the practical context of the cultural and business practices applied in a horticultural discipline.

The objective has two components: 1) advanced understanding of plant physiological processes, and 2) advanced understanding, within a practical or applied horticultural context, of cultural and/or business practices.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Horticulture, students will: 1) Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the basic plant physiology associated with plants in horticultural systems; and 2) Demonstrate a proficiency in advanced principles and practices in horticultural systems.

Application Procedure for Graduate Certificate in Advanced Horticulture

The application procedure for the Certificate is similar to applying to graduate school, but simpler in a couple ways. The steps to follow are:

1) Complete the Admission Application for Graduate School online; there is an online application fee. All application materials are submitted online.

2) Prepare a Statement of Purpose (1-2 pages) indicating your area(s) of interest, your long-term goals, and why you are interested in pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Horticulture. The Statement of Purpose is an important component of your application.

3) Order transcripts for all college course work. Students whose transcripts are not in English must furnish an English translation by an appropriate authority.

4) International Students: TOEFL scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply? Applications should ideally be made at the beginning of the semester prior to when you are interested in starting courses. Approximate deadlines are May 1 when beginning in the fall semester and September 15 when beginning in the spring semester.

What happens after I send in my application materials? When all of the required application materials are received, your file is reviewed by an application committee composed of Horticulture graduate faculty. A graduate faculty member is then assigned as your major professor, and this person will work closely with you to develop a program of study.

What coursework do I need to have completed before entering the Certificate program? To succeed in graduate-level coursework in Horticulture, some college-level chemistry and math background is important. In addition, experience and/or undergraduate coursework in Horticulture is important. If you do not already have this knowledge, your advisor will help you find coursework that fills these gaps, though these courses will not typically count towards the Certificate program.