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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Turf & Ornamentals

Turf and ornamentals is the largest segment of horticultural plant culture in Kansas. Everyone who interacts with green spaces benefit from research-based information on plant care; People like homeowners, park users, golfers, golf course superintendents, lawn care operators, sports turf managers, school and league sports teams, city and state parks and grounds departments, and sod-producers. Information on turf can be found at www.k-state.edu/turf/ and www.kansasgreenyards.org .

Extension efforts focus on publishing extension related bulletins including access via the web, Master Gardener training, workshops and seminars. Event Schedules and Announcements for upcoming activities can be found here and web based information can be accessed at the Horticulture Information Center.

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Dr. Charlie Barden
Forestry Specialist

Dr. Cheryl Boyer
Nursery Production and Marketing Specialist

Dr. Jason Griffin
Woody Ornamentals Specialist

Dr. Jack Fry
Commercial Turfgrass Specialist