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Horticulture and Natural Resources

WOEM Student Learning Outcomes


  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic wildlife management terminology
  • Students will be able to identify sex and species of commonly harvested wildlife in North America
  • Students will be able to identify terrestrial and aquatic plants, and demonstrate knowledge of the positive or negative values different plant species provide to wildlife
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills required for managing wildlife habitats
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and application of the theories that inform harvest management of wildlife
  • Students will demonstrate broad knowledge of the history of hunting wildlife in North America from the Pleistocene to present day
  • Students will recognize both positive and negative effects of hunting wildlife
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of historic and contemporary laws that have advanced wildlife conservation efforts in North America

Critical Thinking

Students will demonstrate the ability to think critically and solve problems using new knowledge and technical developments in wildlife and outdoor enterprise management.

  • Students will increase their ability to solve problems individually and in group settings through: identifying and understanding problems, obtaining background information, generating potential solutions, identifying and evaluating constraints, choosing appropriate solutions, supporting the reasoning for solutions, functioning within problem-solving groups, and evaluating problem solving processes.


Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of formats. Effective communication will include awareness of audience, organization, depth of thought; written communication will be accurate, thorough, and grammatically correct.