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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Career Opportunities

WOEM>WildlifeOutdoorLOGO-200px.pngOpportunities for graduates in the Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management Degree Program.

There is a demonstrated demand for professional managers of wildlife and related outdoor enterprises. According to the most recent national survey, 87.5 million Americans (16 years old and older) participate in wildlife related recreation (hunting and fishing) with a total expenditure of $122.5 billion. In addition, over 19 million Americans participate in shooting sports annually.

Hunting, fishing and shooting sports opportunities in this country are being provided on an increasing basis by commercial enterprise firms. Some of this shift is related to shrinking public access across our states. Some of the shift is related to the desire for predictable high quality experiences and the fact that many individuals have limited time to pursue the outdoor activities they enjoy. The commercial firms listed below reflect the types of companies our graduates are being trained to manage. Our graduates are trained to provide managerial oversite for all aspects to these companies.

Become a manager for: