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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Admission to the Program


Application Deadlines: February 1

Admission to the Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management B.S. Degree Program (WOEM) is selective and competitive. Because the WEOM Program is unique, it is the desire of this institution that students enrolled in WOEM are selected not only on potential but also from a nation-wide pool of applicants. International students are also encouraged to apply.

The following academic criteria is preferred: 3.0 or higher GPA and 21 or higher ACT score for high school students, 2.75 or higher GPA for college transfer students.

Applicants must first be admitted to Kansas State University (see Step 1). Once admitted, the student must then submit additional materials specifically for the WOEM Program (see “Step 2” below).

Each student in the WOEM Program will be handling and firing firearms. Students admitted to the WOEM Program must pass a series of drug tests during their academic training at Kansas State University.

Step 1 (Current K-State Students Skip to Step 2):

A)Apply online for admission to K-State
B) Select Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management as curriculum option.
C) Once you meet institutional admissions standards the K-State Admissions Office will notify you that you qualify to go to "Step 2" of the WOEM application process listed below.

Step 2:

Materials are due before February 1.  Please submit materials via email to Kelley Blankley (kelleyb@ksu.edu).

A) Please submit a one page written statement outlining your interests in a career in Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management as well as selected life experiences that have directed your decision to pursue this degree.
B) Current K-State students should submit high school GPA, and unofficial college transcripts from all colleges attended.

Step 3:

Once completed packages are in, a faculty review of each applicant will identify the top candidates for consideration for admission into the program.

Step 4:

An ambassador of the WOEM Program will contact the candidates selected for admission into the program.