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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management

This four-year university program is the first Bachelors of Science (BS) Degree to be created to train professional operational managers for hunting/shooting preserves and resorts, gamebird production companies, fishing resorts and outdoor experience companies (i.e., trailriding, nature study, bird watching, back country hiking/camping, etc.).

While our students take courses in wildlife and fisheries management, this program is not a traditional wildlife and fisheries biology program of study. To create professional managers, this program incorporates a series of business, hospitality management, natural resources, wildlife and fisheries management courses with "in-the-field" outdoor skills courses. This program was designed with input from working professionals from across the United States.


2018 Top Shot Award Winners

Norin_ShanksCongratulations to James Norin and Marty Shanks, this year's Hodgdon Top Shot Scholarship recipients! James and Marty each received a $500 scholarship from Hodgdon Powder Company.


 2018 ACUI Collegiate Clay Target took 4th Place

ShotgunSportsTeam2018The 2018 ACUI collegiate clay target championships is in the books! The team ended up 4th place high overall and 5th place American all around in division 3! Alex Hartman also placed 3rd in sporting clays in C class as an individual! Great shooting by everyone this week!



Research Along the Minnesota/Canada Border


Max Larreur, a graduate student working with Adam Ahlers, Assistant Professor of Wildlife & Outdoor Management, is conducting research along the Minnesota/Canada border.  He and his undergraduate assistant (Spencer Wesche) are investigating how active wetland management (including hybrid cattail removal) affects wetland wildlife in the boundary waters.