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Horticulture and Natural Resources

TWIP: The Week in Preview

Last TWIP for Spring Semester, May 13 - 17, 2019




Dr. Cheryl Boyer is seeking student volunteers to help with the state 4-H horticulture judging competition in August. Dates are August 16-17. Any help I can get to gather samples and set the competition before Friday the 16th would be greatly appreciated. Students can contact me at crboyer@ksu.edu.


Seeking several students who would like to serve as Horticulture Ambassadors. In this role, you would visit with prospective students and usually their parents about your experiences in our program. You would do this by showing them various aspects of our program, the greenhouses, the Hort Club built patio, a few classrooms or whatever you feel would be of interest. The time commitment is about 30 minutes. Prospective visits can occur Monday-Friday at 11:10am or 2:10pm. In this role, you would meet the student at approximately 11:30am or 2:30pm at a faculty member’s office. So, you would need to be available for the time you sign-up for, which essentially is like being on-call. Kelley is usually able to let you know a day in advance, but sometimes she is contacted on the spur-of-the-moment when a student is already on campus but wants to explore further options, such as horticulture. To learn more or sign-up for this fun opportunity, see Kelley Blankley in TH 1028 or Dr. Greg Davis: gdavis@ksu.edu

Would you like a personalized paver on the horticulture patio walkway hosting your name and graduating year? If so, these are available for purchase. Students pay $35.00, the cost of the paver and the engraving. Graduates pay $60.00. Fill out the attached form and send it to clavis@ksu.edu.

My name is Pat Brodersen, and I have a very large, maybe hundred by hundred feet, and then a couple other smaller plots on our place right on the shore of Pott 2. This garden has been used for the last forty years and amended quite well. My brother-in-law who passed away and had this place was a big green thumb and grew stuff here for many decades. I will be tilling it up with a tractor and setting up electric fence around it to keep the deer out. If any students are interested in something like this they can contact me at 785-770-7731. A small group would be welcome to grow all the vegetables they wanted. All I would ask is for a few vegetables for my family. Contact me if you have interest.

Scholarship Opportunities

Contact Dr. Lavis with questions regarding scholarships: clavis@ksu.edu

The Sidney B. Meadows Scholarship Fund is announcing a new named scholarship to honor Dr. Bryson L. James. Dr. James, who not only served as Director of Horticultural Research for the SNA, coordinator of the conference and editor of the Annual Proceedings for 37 years, but was active in the SNA Research Conference for nearly 50 years. We need your support of this new fund. https://www.sbmsef.org/

The International Plant Propagators' Society (IPPS) announces their scholarship application. IPPS is an international association of plant production professionals, academics and students. IPPS provides a forum for sharing plant production knowledge to enhance the professionalism, knowledge and skills of its members. The IPPS Eastern Region Foundation was created in 2004 to support research and education in ornamental horticulture. Through the generosity of many donors the Foundation is pleased to offer academic scholarships for the first time. In 2019 we are offering two $2,000 scholarships to students working towards towards a two-year, four-year, or graduate-level degree in horticulture or a related field. Students must have completed at least two semesters (terms) by the end of the Spring 2019 semester. The deadline for submitting the application is June 1, 2019. Students who are awarded a scholarship will be notified this summer. Students can apply here: IPPS-ER Foundation Academic Scholarship Application.

Internship Opportunities

For Internship Opportunities click here to view the full TWIP weekly newsletter.

Employment Opportunities

For Employment Opportunities click here to view the full TWIP weekly newsletter.

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