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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Study Abroad Opportunities in Horticulture

Upcoming Opportunities

Interested in an exciting, 15-day horticultural, historical, and cultural trip?

Study abroad opportunities to be announced. Read about the study abroad trip from Spring 2019.

For questions regarding study abroad opportunities, visit the Education Abroad webpage.



This faculty-led study abroad trip will take students to four different countries in Western Europe, including The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. Participants will enroll in the HORT 595 course in the Spring 2019 semester, in which the class discussions center around different aspects of the travel portion of the trip, which is immediately after the spring semester. This course can be used for the student's specialization electives in the program of study. In addition, the course provides two K-State 8 tags; Historical Perspectives and Global Issues and Perspectives.

The study trip will be jam-packed with many horticultural, historical, and cultural points of interest. These include greenhouse production of ornamentals, fruits, and vegetables using very innovative and highly automated production practices; Visit to the Keukenhof Garden--one of the most visited bulb gardens in the world; Kinderdijk, a historical city with traditional Dutch windmills; Wirtz International, a world-renowned landscape architect; a vineyard and wine producer, Delft porcelain facility, Anne Frank House, Giverny--Claude Monet's gardens; The French palace of Versailles, and a visit to the Normandy Beaches. Locations are subject to change based on final arrangements.

If you are interested, please visit the Education Abroad site, that provides more information about the proposed trip, including estimated costs and other trip details. We need a minimum of 10 student participants for the trip to proceed. 

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Miller (ctmiller@ksu.edu; 532-1416) or Dr. Lavis (clavis@ksu.edu; 532-1433).