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Willow Lake Farm

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Willow Lake Farm, also known as the K-State Student Farm, has two acres in production and is managed and worked by K-State graduate students, undergraduate students and volunteers. The farm grows many different species and varieties of fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms.

The farm was created in 2008 with the help of Dr. Rhonda Janke (former faculty member) and K-State alumnus Lani Myer. The purpose of the farm is to provide education and high quality produce to the Manhattan community with a focus on sustainable food production. In addition the farm serves as an excellent site for undergraduate and graduate student research.

Willow Lake Student Farm Club

The Student Farm Club works in conjunction with the KSU Student Farm. The goals of the club are to supplement the farm with volunteer labor, educate people about sustainable methods of growing produce, and to provide the community with healthy, high quality, locally-grown food. Some of the club's activities include harvesting for farmers markets, local businesses, educational field trips, workdays and workshops at the farm. In the future the club would like to continue past activities, expand membership, and also improve the educational experience for members. More info contact farm club public relations officer one of the farm club officers (upper right corner of this page) to be added to the listserv to be notified of upcoming events. The club and farm activities are open to non-graduate students and also to local community members.

Ways to become involved in or interact with the farm:

  • Join the Farm Club! You don’t have to be a student or affiliated with KSU.
  • The club meets every other Thursday at 5:30pm in addition to weekend farm activities, when weather allows.
  • Get on the listserv to find out about club activities and workdays on the farm.
  • The farm is always looking for ways to work with other departments at K-State; if you have ideas, please contact farm management.
  • If anyone in the community would like to propose an experiment out at the farm, contact farm management.
  • Contact a farm club officer if you would like a tour of the farm.

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Willow Lake Student Farm
Willow Lake Student Farm

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