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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Omega Chapter

Complete Omega Chapter Roster

Spring 2011 Initiates

Undergraduate Students

602. Bridget Baker
603. Anna Clary
604. Brandon Jones
605. Abbey Lueth
606. Marianne Maddeford
607. Katherine Sakaguchi
608. Katherine Sweeny
609. Gregg Wertz
610. Luke Young

Spring 2010 Initiates

Undergraduate Students

589. Tanner E. Anderson
590. Tanner J. Coble
591. Annette Elizabeth Finkeldei
592. Ashtynn L. Hardesty
593. Nick Jarvis
595. Christy N. Augenstein Postlewait
596. Brooke Schultz
597. Nathan Charles Tinsley
598. Ryan Windholz
599. Aaron Yoder
600. Kasey Layne Coad
601. Caleb Clements

Graduate Students

594. Morgan Jenkins

The beginning of the Omega Chapter

The Omega Chapter at Kansas State University was installed on March 5, 1979. The members present were James E. Klett, Fred B. Wodmoyer, Robert J. Campbell, Richard H. Mattson, Steven M. Still, Ray A. Keen, Richard D. Wootton, and R. Kent Kimmins. Honorary members were L.R. Quinlan, W. Pickett, and Virginia N. Gibson.

PAX National

Students>Kim OmegaChapter200px.jpg

Photos of Omega Chapter initiates at the initiation ceremony in the KSU Gardens.