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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Pi Alpha Xi Omega Chapter

The National Honor Society for Horticulture

The purpose of the organization is to unify students, educators, and professionals interested in Horticulture. The society promotes high scholarship, fellowship, professional leadership, and the enrichment of human life through plants.

PAX-National has 37 chapters at Universities with Horticulture Programs all over the United States. The chapter at Kansas State University was established in 1979 and has initiated nearly 600 members.


Pi Alpha Xi is the Honor Society for Horticulture, and not everyone is eligible to join. Only students in the junior and senior classes with a demonstrated interest in horticulture who meet G.P.A. requirements (3.0/4.0) are invited to join. Graduate students and faculty with an emphasis in these fields are also eligible. Candidates should give promise of continued activity and interest in the fields of Horticulture.