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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Welcome to K-State Horticulture Club

The Kansas State University Horticulture Club meets several times a semester for activities, fund raisers, and formal meetings which are held every other Tuesday at 6:00 pm, in room 2414 Throckmorton. At least once a month the club hosts a guest speaker to talk to members about exciting trends in Horticulture. Often these speakers do on-campus interviews and offer internship and job positions to members in the Club!

Meetings and Activities

Spring 2019

National Collegiate Landscape Competition: click here for website

Feb. 12

Meeting, 6:00 pm, Family Tree

Feb. 26

Meeting, 6:00 pm, Kinghorn Gardens

Mar. 5

Meeting, 6:00 pm, Speaker Peter Feeney from Summerhill Landscapes

Mar. 12

No Meeting - Spring Break

Mar. 26

Meeting, 6:00 pm, High Prairie Landscape Group

Apr. 9

Meeting, 6:00 pm, Kaw Valley @ Kaw Valley

Apr. 23

Meeting, 6:00 pm, Speaker

Apr. 30

Meeting, 6:00 pm, Elections & Raffle




Cait Carlson

Vice President:
Katy Doll

Cole Bieker

Rebecca Goggin

Social Chair:
Jordan Robinson

Public Relations:
Kinzie Ratliff

Ag Council Rep:
Wyatt Youtsey

Brook Evans


Cathie Lavis
(785) 532-1433

Chad Miller
(785) 532-1416