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Horticulture and Natural Resources


The faculty in Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management (WOEM) are interested in solving problems related broadly to wildlife management and conservation.  We use hypothesis-driven science to investigate questions relating to species’ distributions, habitat selection, disease ecology, population demographics, biodiversity conservation, harvest management, and restoration ecology.  Our research programs vary across taxa and generally have an applied focus.   

Because our research interests are relatively diverse, we welcome students (graduate and undergraduate) who are creative, motivated, and intensely curious about the natural world. 

Latest Publications 

  • Becker TA, Ahlers AA, Hesting S, and Haukos DA. 2018. Spatiotemporal distribution of waterfowl disease outbreaks in Kansas. The Prairie Naturalist 50: 4-14.

  • Wait KR, Ricketts AW, and Ahlers AA. 2018. Land-use change structures carnivore communities in remaining tallgrass prairie. Journal of Wildlife Management 82: 1491-1502.

  • Wesche SL, O’Neal BJ, Windels SK, Olson BT, Larreur M, and Ahlers AA. 2018.  Influence of invasive hybrid cattails on habitat use by common loons. Wildlife Society Bulletin 42: 166-171.

  • Miller CA and Ahlers AA. 2017. Where does the money go? Awareness of federal duck stamp fund expenditures among Illinois waterfowl hunters. Dimensions of Wildlife 22: 291-294.

  • Sharp RL and Ahlers AA. 2017. Undergraduates' understanding of agricultural impacts on wildlife: a case for wildlife conservation education. Natural Sciences Education 46: 1-5. DOI: 10.4195/nse2016.11.0030.

  • Ahlers AA, Miller CA, and Heske EJ. 2016. Economic influences on trapper participation and per capita harvest of muskrats. Wildlife Society Bulletin 40: 548-553.

  • Heske EJ and Ahlers AA. 2016. Raccoon (Procyon lotor) activity is predicted better by availability of water than by land cover in a moderately fragmented landscape. Northeastern Naturalist 23: 352-363.

  • Ahlers AA, Heske EJ, and Schooley RL. 2016. Prey distribution, potential landscape supplementation, and urbanization affect occupancy dynamics of American mink in streams. Landscape Ecology 31:1601-1613.

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Adam Ahlers
Wildlife & outdoor enterprise management

Drew Ricketts
Wildlife & outdoor enterprise management

Daniel Sullins
Wildlife & outdoor enterprise management