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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Warner, Thomas D.

Warner, Thomas D. Professor of Wildlife & Outdoor Enterprise Management

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Bio Brief

Originally from LaPorte, Ind., Tom Warner was surrounded by parks and recreation areas as a child, with easy access to the Indiana Dunes National Lake shore. He also became interested in natural resources because he had an uncle who worked for the National Park Service. “The hat sucked, but the job was cool,” Warner said.

Warner began his college years majoring in Outdoor Recreation and Conservation at Indiana State University, because he enjoyed the outdoors and a natural setting. Early in his undergrad, Warner decided he wanted to become a professor and then went on to Michigan State University to receive both his M.S. and Ph.D.

Upon completion of his Ph.D., Warner took a position at Texas Tech University from 1976-1977 and left after one year. He then took an assistant professorship at Kansas State in Natural Resources in June of 1977, leaving briefly from 1983-1988 to serve as department head at South Dakota State University. Warner then returned to wildcat country as department head.  Warner later stepped down as department head to serve as program director for the Wildlife Outdoor Enterprise Management (WOEM) program in 2007.


B.S. Outdoor Recreation/Conservation, Indiana State University, 1971
M.S. Park and Recreation Resources/Resource Development, Michigan State University, 1974
Ph.D. Resource Development, Michigan State University, 1976