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Horticulture and Natural Resources


HORT 640>Andrew-EsserAndrew Esser

"This semester I'm learning and understanding DNA extraction from plants and how to run PCR. It's exciting to gain new knowledge that will stick with me for the rest of my life."


HORT 640>william-fox-IVWilliam A. Fox IV

“The solution to world hunger is in science and technology. w00t!”

HORT 640>james-cravenJames E. Craven

“We live in a world plagued by the exponential pattern of human growth. In large part this is because the presence of human habitation in large part precludes the presence of other organisms. Every human expansion corresponds to a decrease in some other form of life and the biodiversity, beauty, and, ultimately, health of our planet. This is why I am participating in Hort 640: Undergraduate Research Project. Using genetic engineering procedures, I hope - one day in the probably very distant future - to produce a species of tree capable of being incorporated as an integral structural component into human buildings, while still in the living, photosynthesizing form. The proliferation of this among the human race would render human existence at least moderately more friendly to the planet and the rest of its species. Hort 640 is my first step onto a long path with this goal at its end.”

HORT 640>josh-martinJosh S. Martin

HORT 640>Heather-ThomsenHeather Thomsen

HORT 640>stuart_spragueStuart Sprague

Mastering skills to assist cutting edge research is a fun and challenging way to be involved with plant science.