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Horticulture and Natural Resources

HORT 640

Horticulture Problems:
Undergraduate Research Project

Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Project site!

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Most undergraduate students do not understand crop genomic and biotechnological research, so the opportunity to expose students to the key concepts and lab techniques would be multifaceted. It is critical that students are exposed to the latest research technologies in order to communicate effectively, make decisions and draw conclusions about food products and make key contributions to our society.

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This research class (HORT 640: Undergraduate Research Project) will provide opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research with graduate students and faculty. We are not talking about washing out beakers and cleaning up the laboratory, but playing an essential role in the research projects by conducting original research and being part of a cutting-edge research team.

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The lectures would introduce theories using PowerPoint slideshows to build a base of understanding concepts relevant to the research, while the hands-on laboratory experience would allow students to be familiar with the equipment and techniques of their research.


Dr. Sunghun Park
3731 Throckmorton
(785) 532-4412