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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Vegetables (Commercial)

Farming a Few Acres of VegetablesMF1115
Food Labeling for Kansas Food Producers and ProcessorsMF3385
Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market VendorsMF3138
Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial GrowersID-56
Tomato Grafting for Disease Resistance and Increased Productivity
Series:Commercial Greenhouse Production Series
Hydroponic SystemsMF1169
Series: Commercial Vegetable Production
Cover Crops for Vegetable GrowersMF2343
Drip Irrigation BasicsMF3125
Drip Irrigation for VegetablesMF1090
Fertigation of Vegetable CropsMF1092
Growing Over Cover: A Kansas Specialty Crop Grower's Guide to Cover Crops
Growing Your Own Vegetable TransplantsMF3126
Maintaining Drip Irrigation SystemsMF2178
Plastic Mulches for VegetablesMF1091
Series: Vegetable Diseases
   Bacterial CankerL721
   Bacterial Speck & SpotL721
   Early Blight & Septoria Leaf SpotL721
   Fusarium and Verticillium Wilt of TomatoL723
   Leaf and Fruit Diseases and DisordersL721
   Root Knot NematodeL723
   Virus Diseases of TomatoL723
Series: Postharvest Management of Commercial Horticultural Crops
Harvest Maturity Indicators for Fruits and VegetablesMF1175