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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Trees, Shrubs & Woody Vines

All About PruningC550
American SycamoreMF3229
Anthracnose of Shade Trees
Bagworm: Insect Pest of Trees and ShrubsMF3474
Borers: Common Kansas SpeciesMF2735
Borers: Management and PreventionMF2736
Boxelder and Red-shouldered BugsMF2580
Champion Trees of Kansas
Christmas Tree Recycling
Conifer Trees for Kansas: A Guide to Landscape Evergreens MF3423
Conservation Seedlings from the Kansas Forest Service
Deciduous Shrubs for Kansas MF3116
Disease and Insect Problems with Trees and ShrubsMF3132
Diseases of Trees in the Great PlainsGTR335
Drought Tolerant Trees for KansasMF3246
   Dutch Elm Disease
   Elm Leaf BeetlesMF3737
Euonymus Scale: Insect Pest of Euonymus Plants Grown in LandscapesMF3586
Evergreen Shrubs for KansasMF3117
Fertilizing Trees in the LandscapeMF2707
Flowering CrabapplesMF875
Hackberry Nipplegall MakerMF957
Handling and Planting Container Grown TreesMF1119
How Healthy is Your Yard? Kansas Healthy YardsMF2863
How to Plant a Ball-in-Burlap Tree and How to Plant a Container-Grown TreeMF3313
Insect and Disease Problems with Trees and ShrubsMF3132
Iron Chlorosis in TreesMF718
Japanese BeetleMF3488
Magnolia ScaleMF3560
Ornamental Tree EvaluationMF632
   Pine Diseases In Kansas: Tip Blight, Dothistroma Needle Blight, and Pine WiltL722
   European Pine SawflyMF2545
   Pine WiltMF2425
   Pine Needle ScaleMF3563
Planting Ornamental Trees and ShrubsMF402
Pruning Shrubs MF2998
Redheaded Flea BeetleMF3225
   Growing RosesMF799
   Roses: Garden Center Culture Guide
   Rose Rosette DiseaseMF2974
Scale Insect PestsMF3457
Selecting and Planting a TreeL870
Shade and Ornamental Trees for KansasMF2688
Shrubs, PruningMF2998
   Rhizosphaera Needle Cast
Staking and Guying Landscape TreesMF1120
Tree and Shrub Problems in KansasMF3132
Trees and Shrubs for Difficult SitesMF2205
Trees and Shrubs that Attract Songbirds and WildlifeL845
Trees for Northeast Kansas
Trees for Northwest Kansas
Trees for South Central Kansas
Trees for Southwest Kansas
Verticillium Wilt
Water Wise Plants for South Central Kansas 
Watering Established Trees and ShrubsMF2801
Watering Newly Planted Young Trees and ShrubsMF2800
Watering Raised Beds, Berms, Containers and HouseplantsMF2805
Web Producing Caterpillars in KansasMF2395