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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Lawns & Turf (Commercial)

Series: Turfgrass Research
2020 Turfgrass ResearchVol 6, Issue 7
2019 Turfgrass ResearchVol 5, Issue 5
2018 Turfgrass ResearchVol 4, Issue 6
2017 Turfgrass ResearchVol 3, Issue 5
2016 Turfgrass ResearchVol 2, Issue 4
2015 Turfgrass ResearchISS6
2014 Turfgrass Research (go to linked page; search for "SRP1107")SRP1107
2013 Turfgrass ResearchSRP1089
2012 Turfgrass ResearchSRP1071
2011 Turfgrass ResearchSRP1053
Series: Professional Series
Turfgrass IdentificationMF2031
Turfgrass MowingMF2129
Turfgrass SelectionMF2032
Bermuda Grass Football FieldsMF2451
Managing Tall Fescue Football FieldsMF803
Guide to Turfgrass Nutrient Recommendations:Based on K-State Soil Test ResultsMF2311
 Tall Fescue Varieties for Kansas MF3268
Pest Control
Anthracnose of Bentgrass and Annual Bluegrass Putting GreensEP147
Brown Patch  
Dollar Spot on Putting GreensEP131
Fairy Rings in TurfgrassEP155
Gray Leaf Spot of Perennial Ryegrass
Large Patch of Zoysiagrass
Pythium Blight in TurfgrassEP159
Rust Diseases of TurfgrassEP163
Slime Mold
Spring Dead Spot of Bermudagrass
Stripe Smut and Flag Smut of Kentucky Bluegrass
Summer Patch of Bluegrass
Yellow Patch of TurfgrassEP164