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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Fruits & Nuts

Apple Scab
Apple, Cedar Apple Rust
Bacterial Spot of Peach
Cedar Apple Rust
Exhibiting Fruits and VegetablesC405
Growing Pecans in KansasMF1025
Harvest & Storage of Fruits and VegetablesMF661
Japanese BeetleMF3488
Peach, Bacterial Spot
Peach, Brown Rot
Peach, Perennial (Cytospora) Canker
Pillbugs and SowbugsEP120
Planning Your Fruit GardenMF352
Pruning Apples and PearsMF3450
Pruning Peaches, Plums, Cherries and Other Stone FruitMF3451
Raspberries and BlackberriesMF720
Side-Dressing Garden Plants
Small and Tree Fruit CultivarsMF1028
Spotted Wing DrosophilaMF3158
Spray Schedules
    Spray Schedules for Growing ApplesMF3429
    Spray Schedules for Growing Stone FruitMF3430
    Fruit Pesticides, Active Ingredients, and Labeled FruitsMF3431
Storing Fresh ProduceMF3594
Why Fruit Trees Fail to Bear FruitMF2166