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Horticulture and Natural Resources

K-State Garden Hour Webinar Series

2022 K-State Garden Hour

Welcome to the K-State Garden Hour Webinar Series, hosted by K-State Research and Extension horticulture staff across the state of Kansas. We hope you'll join us on the first Wednesday of each month at noon for some horticultural refreshment and training. Sessions are recorded and posted here after each event. This program is supported, in part, by the United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Crop Protection and Pest Management Program (project 2021-7006-35331).

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First Wednesday of Each Month - Noon to 1:00 pm CST

(45-minute presentation, 10-15 minutes for questions and answers)


August 3, 2022: Landscaping For Wildlife 

  • How you landscape your property and the plants you select can create a welcome invitation for wildlife to visit your property. Chuck Otte, Geary County Extension Agent, will discuss basic landscaping concepts that will encourage wildlife to visit your yard. Learn about recommended native plant material to utilize, as well as key management techniques that will provide benefits to many different wildlife species.

September 7, 2022: Recommended Trees for Kansas

  • Often the shade, beauty, and other benefits of a tree aren’t fully appreciated until decades after a tree is planted. As a result, picking the right tree for the right place becomes even more critical. Join Dr. Jason Griffin, Woody Ornamentals Horticulture Extension Specialist, as he highlights some of the best trees for Kansas and the surrounding region.

October 5, 2022: Improving Soil Health in the Landscape and Garden

November 2, 2022: Wildlife Damage Prevention and Control in the Lawn and Garden

  • Have your prized vegetables and beautiful landscapes ever become an all-you-can-eat buffet for local wildlife? Learn how to identify the squirrels, rabbits, deer, gophers, or other wildlife that may be causing problems, and better understand how to prevent their damage. Join Dr. Drew Ricketts, Extension Wildlife Management Specialist, as he shares practical tips to prevent and control common wildlife damage issues. 

December 7, 2022: Accessible Gardening for All

  • Gardening is a passion for so many people, however due to physical challenges, many people find themselves limited or unable to garden. Join Calla Edwards, Butler County Horticulture Extension Agent, to learn tips, tricks, and ways to make your gardening experience adaptable for everyone. 


July 6, 2022: Growing Culinary Mushrooms at Home 

June 1, 2022: Organic Pest Management for Vegetable Gardens 

  • The ideal weather conditions for peak vegetable crop production will also generate a rise in garden pests, weeds, and disease. As these pests plague the garden, even the most avid organic grower may become disheartened. Join Zac Hoppenstedt, Johnson County Horticulture Extension Agent, to learn about organic controls available to the home gardener, as well as strategic approaches to help prevent garden problems.

May 4, 2022: New and Improved Annual Flower Varieties 

  • New and improved varieties of annual flowers hit the garden center shelves every year. Which varieties will provide you outstanding summer performance? Join Matthew McKernan, Sedgwick County Horticulture Extension Agent as he highlights new varieties of annual flowers with outstanding performance, along with tips for growing annual flowers more successfully this summer!  

April 6, 2022: Pollinator Plants for Continuous Food Sources

  • Include plants for pollinators in your spring planting plan! Providing season-long pollen and nectar sources in the garden is critical for our pollinators to forage on, and an important way to help increase local pollinator numbers. Join Jason Graves, Central Kansas District Horticulture Extension Agent, to learn about the planting strategies and pollinator garden plants that will help you supply pollinators with the critical foraging habitat they need.

March 2, 2022: Landscape Design 101

  • Designing a new flower bed or revamping a current one can intimidate any gardener. With just a few simple design principles, become more confident in choosing plants for these areas. Join Travis Carmichael, Lyon County Horticulture Extension Agent, as he discusses design principles, including the importance of planting in groups, planning for mature size, and bringing year-round color to the landscape.

February 2, 2022: Starting Seeds Indoors

  • Discover the fun of starting your gardening season off early by growing your own bedding plants indoors. Learn the steps to growing healthy plants you can transplant into the garden this spring. Gregg Eyestone, Riley County Horticulture Extension Agent, will explain how to save money growing those hard-to-find plants you want in your garden this year!

January 5, 2022: Vegetable Varieties for Bountiful Harvests

  • Have you ever been overwhelmed by the choices in seed catalogs? Rebecca McMahon, Sedgwick County Horticulture Extension Agent, will give you the tools you need to make educated decisions about which vegetable varieties to try in your garden. Learn the differences between heirlooms and hybrids, decipher plant descriptions, and determine which varieties will provide a more bountiful harvest.


Previous K-State Garden Hour Series 

2021 Sessions (Recordings Available in Descriptions Below)


Wednesday, October 6th: Embrace your Landscape's Wild Side - Supporting Backyard Birds 

  • Many people enjoy the excitement of birds routinely visiting their yard. Providing food and water is a great start to attracting backyard birds, but what types of food and habitat are going to attract the most birds and make them feel safest? Join lifelong birder and avid back yard bird feeder Chuck Otte, Extension Agent in Geary County, as he discusses tips for backyard bird feeding success.

Wednesday, November 3rd: Winter Interest in the Landscape

  • Many gardens can become dreary, drab, and colorless over the winter months, as they lose the excitement of summer. Beat this winter boredom in your garden through the texture, color, and movement of plants that will bring year round beauty to your landscape. Join Lynn Loughary, Wyandotte County Extension Horticulture Agent, as she shares a few of the must have plants that provide year-round interest in the landscape.



Wednesday, August 4th: Organic Gardening

  • Growing organic produce interests many home gardeners, but what exactly does that involve? Join Zac Hoppenstedt, Johnson County Horticulture Extension Agent, for an introduction to organic agriculture and growing techniques adapted for the home garden. Learn about creating organic systems, adjusting gardening practices, and effective natural based products for growing fruit and vegetables. Get help working through late summer maintenance and preparing for a bountiful fall garden.


Wednesday, August 18th: Gardening with Beneficial Insects

  • When we think of insects in the garden, we often think of the pests that cause damage to our plants and not the abundance of beneficial insects. Luckily for gardeners there are far more insects that support our gardens than damage it. Pam Paulsen, Reno County Horticulture Extension Agent, will look at what some of these beneficial insects are, and how to attract and keep them in our gardens.


Wednesday, Sep. 1st: Basics of Growing Berries in Kansas

  • The best way to enjoy fruit is fresh off the vine, so why not grow that fruit right in your backyard? Learn the basics of growing strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and even blueberries in Kansas. Rebecca McMahon, Sedgwick County Horticulture Extension Agent, will discuss the basic growth habits and care of these popular fruit plants, while also pointing out the environmental concerns that might cause problems along the way.


Wednesday, Sep. 15th: Composting with Worms - Vermicomposting 101

  • Consider harnessing the powers of a composting worm to turn kitchen scraps and garden trash into gardening gold by vermicomposting! This unique composting method uses worms to reduce waste and create nutrient rich compost that will help your plants thrive. Join Scott Eckert, Harvey County Horticulture Extension Agent, as he shares how you can use worms to compost successfully all year round in your home.



Wednesday, June 16th: Native Plants to Support Native Bees

  • In support of National Pollinator Week next week, we wanted to highlight that there are over 4,000 species of native and solitary bees in the United States alone. These pollinators directly connect to human health and well-being, and deserve to be understood, appreciated, and preserved. Jason Graves, Central Kansas District Horticulture Extension Agent, will explore native bees and how gardeners can use native plants to create a welcoming habitat for these essential pollinators.


Wednesday, June 2nd: Effective Irrigation

  • The million dollar question for every gardener is “How much water does it need?” This can be one of the hardest questions to answer, because the correct answer depends on many factors. Join Gregg Eyestone, Riley County Extension Horticulture Agent, as he shares the best irrigation practices to keep your plants thriving.


Wednesday, May 19th: Xeriscaping: Beautiful Landscapes with Less Water

  • Water is a precious resource in Kansas, and around the world. Learn how to landscape around your home using plant materials that require little to no water outside of our natural rainfall. Ariel Whitely-Noll, Shawnee County Horticulture Extension Agent, will explain how to create water-saving Xeriscape gardens full of trees, shrubs, and flowers, which deliver the same beauty as any traditional garden!


Wednesday, May 5th: Herbs - from Seed to Seasoning



Wednesday, April 21st: Gardening in the Shade

  • The Kansas landscape is full of sunny, wide-open, prairie spaces, but gardening in the shade offers many opportunities. Though limited light and tree root completion pose unique challenges, there are still many ways to be successful. Dennis Patton, Johnson County Horticulture Extension Agent, will share with you how to address these concerns, what plants will grow best, and how you can find success in the shade.


Wednesday, April 7th: Raised Bed & Container Gardening

  • Not everyone may have a traditional in-ground garden, but there are multiple ways to enjoy flowers and vegetables wherever you call home. Take advantage of any space using raised beds and container gardening to conquer the challenges of balconies, decks, driveways, or other implantable areas with poor soil. Join Travis Carmichael, Lyon County Extension Horticulture Agent, as he shares how to successfully grow flowers and vegetables in a raised bed or container garden.


Wednesday, March 17th: Pruning Like A Pro - Tips for Trees & Shrubs

  • Pruning is both an art and a science, which means there are many ways to do it correctly, and poorly. Every snip, clip, or cut can affect your plant in different ways. Join Matthew McKernan, Sedgwick County Extension Horticulture Agent, as he helps you understand how trees and shrubs respond to pruning so that you can prune like a pro!


Wednesday, March 3rd: Best Plants for a Beginner's Landscape

  • Choosing the right plants for your landscape can be a daunting task for any gardener, especially for the beginning gardener. No one wants to invest their time, effort, and money into a landscape, only to discover that they chose the wrong plants. Join Anthony Reardon, West Plains Extension District Horticulture Agent, as he recommends tough plants that will work well for Kansas gardeners of all levels, and provide pointers for establishing your first garden.


Wednesday, February 17th: Planning Your Vegetable Garden

  • Winter is the best time to plan for your vegetable garden for 2021 (and beyond).Tom Buller, Horticulture Extension Agent in Douglas County will share ideas and best practices for planning your garden to minimize stress and maximize production of safe, nutritious vegetables. Learn about selecting the best varieties, plant spacing, crop rotation and other important topics that will help you grow your best this coming season.


2020 Sessions (Recordings Available in Descriptions Below)

Wednesday, December 2nd: Holiday Horticulture


Wednesday, November 4th: Trees & Shrubs For Pollinators & KS Wildlife – Tips From The KS Forest Service

  • There are many trees and shrubs that are critical for promoting pollinators and other wildlife in Kansas. Not only are these plants important, but through the Kansas Forest Service, many of these trees and shrubs are available at very low cost to be planted to increase pollinator & wildlife habitat. Join Chris Mullins, the District Forester for South Central KS, as he shares how you can use the services and resources the Kansas Forest Service has to offer in order to grow healthier trees and shrubs across Kansas.
  • Webinar Video
  • Resource: Kansas Forest Service Conservation Tree Planting Program


Wednesday, October 7th: Everyone Can Compost


Wednesday, September 30th: Spring Flowering Bulbs 


Wednesday, September 23rd: Fall Tree Planting: How to do it Right! 


Wednesday, September 16th: Growing Garlic in Kansas 

  • Some people regard garlic as an herb or a spice, others view it as a food and some people view it as a miracle plant. Regardless, garlic is very popular with cooks today but unlike many garden crops, it has some special requirements (including fall planting.) Chuck Otte, Geary County Extension Agent (and garlic grower) will discuss all aspects of growing garlic including what garlic is, the different types of garlic, and the special needs and requirements of growing garlic in your own garden. Kansas is well situated for garlic production and gardeners should consider including garlic as one of their annual garden crops.
  • Webinar Video
  • Handout: Garlic Cultivars and Seed Sources


Wednesday, September 9th: Getting the "Buzz" on Honeybees  


Wednesday, September 2nd: Fall Lawn Care (Part 2) - Fertilizing, Aerating, & Controlling Weeds In Your Tall Fescue Lawn 

  • Fall is undoubtedly the most important time of year to care for your Tall Fescue lawns, and there’s more to it than just planting new grass seed. In Part 2 of this series, Matthew McKernan, Sedgwick County Horticulture Extension Agent, will cover the best tips for fertilizing, watering, aerating, and controlling weeds in your lawn in order to help you have the best lawn on the block!

  • Webinar Video (new this week: Closed Captioning. Click on the "CC" icon in the bottom center of the video.)
  • Handouts


Wednesday, August 26th: Fall Lawn Care (Part 1) - Planting and Overseeding your Tall Fescue Lawn - Matthew McKernan 


Wednesday, August 19th: Preserve it Fresh, Preserve it Safe - Karen Blakeslee


Wednesday, August 12th: Hummingbirds in Kansas - Chuck Otte


Wednesday, August 5th: Fall Vegetable Gardening - Tom Buller

  • Fall is the best time of the year to grow vegetables in Kansas, and it is not too late to start for the year. This presentation will cover tips and tricks of establishing and caring for a fall vegetable garden, as well as some pointers for fall season extension and putting your garden to rest at the end of the season.
  • Webinar Video
  • Resource: Kansas Garden Guide


Wednesday, July 29th: How to Choose Potting Media for Gardening Success - Dr. Cheryl Boyer


Wednesday, July 22nd: Pesticide Label Safety - Lynn Loughary


Wednesday, July 15th: Hydrangeas for the Garden - Dennis Patton

  • Hydrangeas are a popular garden plant, providing plenty of season-long summer color. Unfortunately, with the ever-changing Kansas climate, hydrangeas can sometimes be a challenge to grow. Dennis Patton, Johnson County Horticulture Extension Agent, will explain which species are best suited to your garden conditions and share tips for their success. Once you learn these secrets, you will want to add more hydrangeas to the garden to enjoy the beauty for yourself.
  • Webinar Video
  • Handout: Hydrangeas for Kansas City


Wednesday, July 8th: Nuisance Wildlife Control in Your Garden - Charlie Lee


Wednesday, July 1st: Weed Management in the Lawn and Garden - Jesse Gilmore


Wednesday, June 24th: Identifying Garden Insects--Integrated Pest Management Steps for the Garden - Frannie Miller


Wednesday, June 17th: Bugs Galore: Bagworm, Japanese Beetle, Mosquitoes, And Other “Bug” Related Pests – Dr. Raymond Cloyd, Professor and Extension Entomology Specialist


Wednesday, June 10th: Indoor Plants for Health and Happiness – Ariel Whitely-Noll, Shawnee County Horticulture Extension Agent


Wednesday, June 3rd: Making and Supporting Pollinators In The Garden – Jason Graves, Central Kansas District Horticulture Extension Agent

  • Making and supporting pollinators should not be optional since they are essential to maintaining the vast number of ecosystem services we all rely on every single day. Jason will explore who our pollinators are, understanding pollinator needs and what we can do to make and support pollinators in our own yards.
  • Webinar Video
  • Handout


Wednesday, May 27th: Taking Care of Tomatoes - Tom Buller, Douglas County Horticulture Extension Agent and Judy O'Mara, K-State Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab


Wednesday, May 20th: Native Plants in the Landscape – Pam Paulsen, Reno County Horticulture Extension Agent