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Study Abroad Opportunities in Horticulture

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Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France: A Horticulture and Historical Study Trip: Are you interested in a study abroad trip?



Are you interested in seeing several countries in Western Europe? If so, then read on! Dr. Miller and Dr. Lavis have put together a proposal for study abroad trip NEXT May 2019. The ~15-day trip will take you to four countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. The study trip will include a class for the spring 2019 semester that meets every other week, in preparation for the trip, which will be after the spring semester. The HORT 595 course can be used for specialization electives and also carries a Historical K-State 8 Tag.

The trip will be jam packed with horticulture and historical sites, including greenhouse production, both potted plants and vegetable production that is highly mechanized and automated; visit to the Keukenhof, one of the major (bulb) display gardens in the world; Wirtz International, a world-renowned landscape architect; Giverny; Versailles; a winery or two; Delft porcelain factory (one of the only remaining); Anne Frank House; Normandy Beaches; and a few other locations.

Estimated cost of the trip (includes most everything; flight, lodging, transportation in Europe, several meals, entrance fees) will be right around $4,500—depending on the number of travelers. The more folks who go, the more cost effective it will be. We will have a maximum capacity though (20 persons due to logistics).

For more information contact Dr. Lavis (clavis@ksu.edu) or Dr. Miller (ctmiller@ksu.edu).