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National Collegiate Landscape Competition

The National Collegiate Landscape Competition is a four day event that is hosted each year at a university, college or technical school in the United States with a horticulture program. The National Collegiate Landscape Competition will be held at Mississippi State University during March 2016.. Each year over 60 teams compete in events such as landscape design, patio installation, team leadership, plant identification, truck and trailer operations, and many others. This event is also host to the largest career fair in the green industry where nearly 100 employers interview and recruit students from across the United States. This event is one of the most important experiences of any landscape management student's college career because of the innumerable opportunities that it presents for both internships and employment. Link to the National Association of Landscape Professionals website

This video in Spring 2017

This video at K-State in Spring 2012


Greg Davis
(785) 532-1417

Cathie Lavis
(785) 532-1433

Committee Members

  • Caitlin Carlson
  • Katy Doll
  • Paul Knackendoffel


National Collegiate Landscape Competition

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