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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Horticulture and Natural Resources
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Turf & Ornamentals

Our turfgrass research focus and efforts are on identifying turfgrasses or management practices which allow turfgrasses to be managed with reduced inputs of water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Our ornamentals research focus and efforts are on production methods that improve grower efficiency while reducing inputs and identifying plant materials with superior adaptability for the Kansas climate. We have a strong team working with alternative substrates and water and nutrient management in soilless mixes.

Check out the research focus of our faculty members listed to the right.

Recent Publications

Recent Publications of our Turf & Ornamentals Faculty and Graduate Students

Braun, R., J. Fry, M. Kennelly, D. Bremer, and J. Griffin. 2016. Colorant application volume and color persistence on a 'Chisolm' zoysiagrass lawn. HortTechnology 26:314-319.

Peterson, K.W., D.J. Bremer, and J.D. Fry. 2015. Evaluation of atmometers within urban home lawn microclimates. Crop Sci. 55:2359-2367.

Goldsby, A.L., D.J. Bremer, J.D. Fry, and S.J. Keeley. 2015. Response and recovery characteristics of Kentucky bluegrass cultivars to extended drought. Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Manage. doi:10.2134/cftm2014.0087

An, N., A.L. Goldsby, K.P. Price, and D.J. Bremer. 2015. Using hyperspectral radiometry to predict green leaf area index of turfgrass. Int. J. Remote Sens. 36:1470-1483.

Bremer, D.J., S.J. Keeley, and A. Jager. 2015. Effects of home value, home age, and lot size on lawn-watering perceptions and behaviors of residential homeowners. HortTechnology 25:90-97.



Cheryl Boyer
Ornamental nursery crop production

Dale Bremer
Water conservation, trace-gas fluxes, and turfgrasses

Jack Fry

Jason Griffin
Landscape plants

Jared Hoyle

Steve Keeley
Turfgrass management

Chad Miller
Ornamental horticulture

Kim Williams
Water and nutrient management for floriculture crops

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