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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Ted Cable

Cable, TedProfessor of Recreation Resources
Office: 1611 Throckmorton

E-mail: tcable@ksu.edu

Area(s) of Specialization:
Natural and Cultural Heritage Interpretation, Ecotourism, Park & Natural Resource Management

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Bio Brief

Cable was born in California but grew up in Lansing, Illinois, a Chicago suburb with easy access to the Indiana Dunes and Lake Michigan. His childhood interests in these surroundings lead Cable to pursue a degree in Biology from the University of Illinois – Chicago. He then got his teaching certificate and began teaching at the high school level in nearby Indiana. Eventually he chose to return to the college setting to attain his M.S. and Ph.D., in Wildlife Ecology and Forest Recreation respectively, from Purdue University.

Armed with his Ph.D., Cable came to Manhattan, Kansas and has stayed and enjoyed his time here because as he states, "I have been given the freedom to gain knowledge and extend my sphere of influence through speaking engagements, writing and travel."

Since he first began his appointment at Kansas State University in 1984, Cable has moved up from Assistant Professor to full Professor in 1995 and Assistant Department Head in 2002. When prompted about his focus for his students, Cable replied, "I want them to see the bigger picture, to think beyond Kansas, to think internationally and not limit themselves geographically, but rather to see and seek opportunities which encompass the world." Cable's own global interests has motivated him to travel to more than 40 countries and all 50 US states. Cable is a Fellow of the National Association for Interpretation, the professional organization for advancing heritage interpretation and has also received their Master Interpreter Award. Cable was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Missouri Interpreters and he has received numerous teaching awards from Kansas State University and several government agencies and conservation organizations.

Additionally, he has been asked to help design several nature parks. According to Cable, "you can create a tract of land that produces targeted experiences...like a manufacturing plant, you can create spaces to produce happiness and inspiration."

"My avocation is my vocation. I love to travel and write about nature," says Cable. He also enjoys bird watching and has written four books on the subject of birds.


B.S. Biology, University of Illinois - Chicago, 1974
M.S. Wildlife Ecology, Purdue University, 1980
Ph.D. Forest Recreation, Purdue University, 1984

Area of Emphasis

Cable specializes in Natural and Cultural Interpretation, Ecotourism, as well as Park and Natural Resource Management. As he states, "I try to get students to see the bigger picture...to think beyond Kansas and on an international level, imagine the bigger world out there."

In addition to his work in Kansas parks and tourism, Cable has extended his sphere of influence all across the world working with various projects and organizations. For example, on three occasions he has served as a visiting professor to University in France, he assisted with ecotourism planning in conjunction with Paraguay's Defenders of Chaco National Park, and traveled to Mali on an ecotourism feasibility team revolving around the country's last remaining herd of elephants.


Recent Articles

Raynor, E.J., T. Cable, B. Cox, and B. Sandercock. 2017. Effects of Tamarix removal on community dynamics of riparian birds in a semiarid grassland. Journal of Restoration Ecology 25(5): 778-787.

Mayorga, M., T. Cable, and C. Mullins. 2017. Evaluation of Interpretive Media Use and Effectiveness at a Nature Center. Journal of Interpretation Research. 22 (1), 75-82.

Cable, T. and L. Beck. 2017. Taking Flight: The Journey to Excellence. (Invited Keynote Article) Interpretation Journal 22(2): 5-8.

Beck, L., T. Cable, and D. Dustin. 2017. State America Great Again. Legacy 28(6):10-12.

Mayorga, M. and T. Cable. 2017. Escuela Municipal del Agua y del Ambiente del cantón de La Unión, Cartago, Costa Rica: una experiencia piloto. Biocenosis. 31 (1-2), 31-38.

Cable, T. Fick, W. and E.J. Raynor. 2015. The potential impacts of saltcedar eradication on the birds of the Cimarron National Grassland. Transactions of Kansas Academy of Sciences 118: (1-2): 41-47.

Books (author of 14 books about nature and interpretation)

Beck, L., T. Cable and D. Knudson. 2018. Interpreting Cultural and Natural Heritage: For a Better World. Sagamore/Venture Publishing, Urbana, IL

Cable, T. and W. Maley. 2017. Driving across Kansas: A Guide to I-70: Newly Revised and Updated Edition. University Press of Kansas. Lawrence.

Cable, T and J. Cable. 2013. The Kingbird and the Kinglet. Mennonite Press.

Cadden, L. and T. Cable. 2013. Traveling Through Illinois: Stories of Landmarks and Landscapes between St. Louis and Chicago. The History Press/Arcadia Publishing. Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Beck, L. and T. Cable. 2011. The Gifts of Interpretation: Fifteen Guiding Principles for Interpreting Nature and Culture. Third Edition. Sagamore/Venture Publishing, Urbana, IL (also translated and published in China, excerpts translated into French and Spanish)

Cable, T. and S. Seltman. 2011. Birds of the Cimarron National Grassland, Second Edition. USDA Forest Service. Gov. Printing Office. Boulder, CO

Cable, T. and L. Cadden. 2010. Driving Across Missouri: An Interpretive Guide to I-70. University Press of Kansas. Lawrence.

Beck, L. and T. Cable. 2010. Interpretive Perspectives. InterpPress. Ft. Collins, CO

Students & Staff

MarisolMarisol Mayorga Castro
Ph.D. Graduate Student
1608 Throckmorton
Phone: 785-532-6949
Email: mmayorga@ksu.edu
Area(s) of Specialization: Heritage Interpretation



Course #TitleSemesterDelivery Method
PMC 116Certified Interpretive Guide CertificationSpringOn Capmus
PMC 475Natural History for Park ManagersFallOn Campus
PMC 635Methods of Environmental InterpretationFallOn Campus
PMC 640Advanced InterpretationSpringOn Campus