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Horticulture and Natural Resources


Seminar Requirements for K-State Horticulture
Graduate Students

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Two credit hours of HORT 951, Horticulture Graduate Seminar, are required for completion of a M.S. degree, and 3 credit hours of HORT 951 are required for completion of a Ph.D. degree.

HORT 951 Requirements for M.S. Degree:

One 20-minute oral presentation is required for all Horticulture M.S. students, to be given as part of the Departmental Seminar Series. The presentation must summarize the student’s research and be given near the end of the student’s program.

The second credit must be obtained with one of the following options:

  1. 20-minute oral presentation outlining student's proposed research, presented early in the masters program.
  2. Poster presentation related to student's research.

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HORT 951 Requirements for Ph.D. Degree:

One credit must be obtained for a 40 minute oral presentation on the student’s dissertation research, presented near the terminus of the student’s doctoral program.

The second and third credits must be obtained with one of the following options:

  1. 20 minute oral presentation outlining student’s proposed research, presented early in doctoral program
  2. 20 minute oral presentation related to student’s research
  3. Poster presentation related to student’s research

Note: All students (M.S. and Ph.D.) who enroll in HORT 951 for the first time should do so during the fall semester. Why? Because all HORT 951 students are required to attend a lecture series, which is offered only during the first six class periods each fall semester. The lecture series is not offered in spring semesters. This requirement is waived for Ph.D. students who attended the lecture series in completing requirements for the M.S. degree.

All faculty and graduate students in HFRR are also expected to attend and participate in the Departmental Seminar Series.

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Presentations at Professional Conferences, Thesis and Doctoral Defenses

All graduate students scheduled to give an oral or poster presentation at professional meetings are encouraged to give their presentations in the Departmental Seminar Series prior to attending the meeting. This applies to all students whether they are enrolled in HORT 951 or not. Credit for oral and poster presentations at local, regional, or national meetings will be assigned only if the presentation is given in the Departmental Seminar Series.

Seminars presented during the defense of a thesis or dissertations do not count towards fulfilling the seminar requirements for graduate degrees.

Additional questions regarding seminar requirements may be directed to Dr. Dale Bremer (bremer@ksu.edu), the instructor for HORT 951.

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