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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Vegetables (Commercial)

Farming a Few Acres of VegetablesMF1115
Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial GrowersID-56
Tomato Grafting for Disease Resistance and Increased Productivity
Series:Commercial Greenhouse Production Series
Hydroponic SystemsMF1169
Series: Commercial Vegetable Production
Cover Crops for Vegetable GrowersMF2343
Drip Irrigation BasicsMF3125
Drip Irrigation for VegetablesMF1090
Fertigation of Vegetable CropsMF1092
Growing Your Own Vegetable TransplantsMF3126
Maintaining Drip Irrigation SystemsMF2178
Plastic Mulches for VegetablesMF1091
Series: Vegetable Diseases
   Bacterial CankerL721
   Bacterial Speck & SpotL721
   Early Blight & Septoria Leaf SpotL721
   Fusarium and Verticillium Wilt of TomatoL723
   Leaf and Fruit Diseases and DisordersL721
   Root Knot NematodeL723
   Virus Diseases of TomatoL723
Series: Postharvest Management of Commercial Horticultural Crops
Harvest Maturity Indicators for Fruits and VegetablesMF1175