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Horticulture and Natural Resources

Landscape Management

Dr. Lavis has a diverse background that combines years of industry experience with theoretical knowledge. She is an Associate Professor with a teaching and extension specialist appointment in the areas of landscape maintenance and landscape irrigation.

Dr. Lavis has taught a wide range of courses during her time with the department, including her current courses, landscape maintenance, landscape irrigation systems, arboriculture and she team teaches the business of landscape contracting and the pre-internship in horticulture course.

Her extension specialist area is focused on irrigation water use efficiency in the landscape and landscape maintenance. A particular passion is trees and their care.

Extension articles:
• Ornamental tree evaluation. 2015. Lavis, C., J. Griffin, T. McDonnell, I. Katzer, & R. James.
• Drip irrigation for community gardens. 2014. Rivard, C., Lavis, C., Boyer, C., and Upham, W.
• How to hire a reputable landscape irrigation contractor? 2013. Lavis, C. C.

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Extension Specialist

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Dr. Cathie Lavis
Landscape Management Specialist
(785) 532-1433